My name is Dr. Ryan Max Johnson and I am an AEGD-trained GP that provides IV sedation, 3rd molar removal, and implant services for offices such as yours. Over the past 13 years, I have removed thousands of impacted third molars under IV sedation. I will come to your office and perform comfortable and safe removal of these teeth for your patients and all you have to do is provide the office, support staff and patients; I’ll bring everything else.

Studies show that third molars can be removed predictably, safely, and with minimal trauma for children ages 14 to 20. This is the ideal age range for evaluation of wisdom teeth removal. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons published a position paper in March 2007, concluding that the incidence of complications following third molar removal increases with age.

The early removal of third molars in your practice will be a great service to your patients for several important reasons. They will have less post-operative pain, less risk of complications, and they won’t have to leave the comfort of your office. It will also raise your bottom line by increasing revenue that otherwise would be referred outside your office. Please contact me by email or phone if you would like to discuss further about how to begin benefitting from the Abilene Wisdom Teeth program.

Program Manual

I had been dreading to have a molar extracted due to an experience many years ago and today, I know I wasted a lot of nervous energy. Dr. Johnson pulled the tooth yesterday using only local anesthesia at my request. He ordered pain pills and I did take one when the numbness was leaving shortly after getting home around noon and have put the rest away-don’t need them. There has not been any actual pain and I feel perfectly normal. My sincere thanks to you, Dr. Johnson and your assistant for an experience that cured my dread and should I ever need another you will hear from me.

- Marty